by Jonquil Dun

Louis Vuitton vintage monogram trunk (photo from Pinterest)


Who would have thought that the iconic, now listed as the top most- valuable luxury brand in fashion, back then was a poor rural village boy?

You know his brand very well. The name is Louis Vuitton. But before he became the emperor of luxury bags, he was a poor orphan left to the care of a foster family at an early age when his parents died. Born in 1821 in eastern France to a farmer- carpenter father and a milliner mother, Louis Vuitton must have never imagined the fate that lied ahead of him shortly after. But he left his foster parent’s home when his relationship with his foster mother went severe.

Paris was 292 miles away and he was only 13 years old. He walked away from his foster family on foot, taking odd jobs along the way to support himself while learning few skills that would become tantamount to the career waiting for him in the big city. Louis was able to reach Paris in two years.

When he reached the capital, Vuitton who was then 16 years old landed a job with a travel trunk- maker name Marechal where he worked for 17 years. His expertise and perfectionism of the craft paved way to the palace of Napoleon Bonaparte III whose wife- Eugenie de Montijo, hired him as her personal box-maker and packer; who later brought other wealthy clients his way; who became his patrons until the end of his career.


Louis Vuitton workshop in Paris (photo from Pinterest)


The Louis Vuitton label was founded in 1854 with its first store at Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. He started with 20 craftsmen, and it grew over time, as he attracted more foreign parishioners, one of them a Japanese military personnel. He opened up to new markets outside the country and opened his first international outlet in London in 1885.

Louis Vuitton was a master craftsman whose genes for exclusivity passed on even after his death. During his lifetime, Louis fought hard to maintain his patent look. He successfully devised ways to preserve the identity of his brand from counterfeit products who tried to imitate him.

After his death, his son Georges, continued his legacy and the House of Vuitton gave birth to more iconic looks such as the monogram and patented an ingenious lock system that made it impossible to pick the lock of their trunks. This lock is still used until today. And, hitherto, there no doubt that quality and ingenuity of Louis Vuitton bags are still unmatched.

1896 LV Monogram travel trunks
1930 LV Keepall Speedy replacing the travel trunks trends


He was a revolutionary designer who changed the way traveling used to be. He made the luggage easier to transport by re-imagining the shape and the weight, improving the way it looks that would fit the carriage to the opulent salon of the palaces of the French imperials.

To preserve their exclusivity, LV produce only limited pieces for the market. All LV outlets around the world are managed by the House of Louis Vuitton itself (meaning the company) to make sure that only authentic LV are sold. To note, the high manufacturing cost makes LV so expensive and they went through numerous durability test to ensure quality.


Icon Audrey Hepburn with the iconic LV speedy (photo from Pinterest)


His brand became a favorite of icons themselves such as the actress Audrey Hepburn whom the Speedy was fashioned for, and Coco Chanel with Alma.

Nowadays, every girl would take pride clutching LV timeless luxuries. This is why even a pre- loved Louis are still expensive because they don’t lose value. But buying LV’s is tricky because only 1% sold in the market today are considered authentic, the rest are counterfeit. But how do you know you are buying a real LV?

Some people prefer a personnal shopper to buy for them because they know the market better and they are trained and experienced to spot a real from not. And if you can’t afford a new LV, there are stores that sells authentic pre- loved LV which saves you a lot of money than buying brand new. Luxury Cheaper is one of the most reliable sources of these bags. They only sell authenticated, in excellent condition, highly- curated pre- loved Louis Vuitton bags.

Thus, the story of how a legend was made. Louis Vuitton was a visionary. He knew how to bring the brand through the tests of time, through the ups and downs of fashion, to stands undeterred by the threats of the antagonists of originality.

His hardwork, ingenuity and his good behaviour towards clients and acquaintances led him to opportunities one after another which he championed a step at a time until he reached the top. And those opportunities, started with his first step taking that 292 miles journey to become a legend he is today.



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