Experience Luxury Cheaper - A look at one the Leading Re-seller’s Favorite Designer Bags

Blog by: Jonquil Dun

There is a special bond between women and their handbags. One may think of it as a mere fashion statement, or as a utility, or of status, but there is more to it. It is a complex relationship, and its personal. Do you ever wonder what one’s bag collection meant for them? It’s not only a passing fashion obsession, rather it is how they perceive and define themselves. What more could explain it, is by looking back at its history how a once- man’s accessory which dated back to the Pharaonic times to become a woman’s personal complement at the start of the Industrial revolution in the mid 1800’s till this day where it is regarded as the most essential fashion staple. And to date, women top the world’s demographics in the purchase of bags.


                Considering how one’s choice of bags is determined by its benefits, functionality as well as how it builds status and make a fashion statement, there is no doubt why the giant bag manufacturers such as LVMH or Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci; to name a few, are the top choices of most fashionable women. These brands costs thousands and this is so true for anything that are made to last for life! They are worth the money! And apparently, they are the best pieces of luxury to invest on!


Here’s why. These bags can easily resell at a minimal deflation. Unlike other luxury items, designer bags don’t radically loose their value, because these bags are designed to endure the wear and tear. The truth is, some bags will gain more value over time. This is the reason why there is a lot of investment in the last 10 years on pre-loved designer bags because they are valuable and on high demand in the growing fashion- conscious consumers. Owning one these days is becoming easily at hand and designer bags are already within reach through pre-loved bag sellers who are now selling online at lower price. Although looking for a trustworthy company may be a challenge.


We spoke to one of the Top-Seller, Most-Trusted curators of pre-loved items that sells the iconic bags there are, called Luxury Cheaper. They are among the leading reseller/supplier of designer bags in the world today. What is commendable about them is their reputable honest service alongside their impeccable scrutiny when choosing only the excellent quality pre-loved designer bags they sell. You can be rest assured that the item you will be purchasing is as described, or your money back. Each item went through meticulous quality inspection and have only the licensed experts to authenticate the items.

 To help us understand what type of bag you should be buying on your next purchase, Luxury Cheaper gave us a clue by this list of their personal favorite bags:


  1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM








It is a classy everyday choice for women who likes to move to places a lot. Given its seamless design, the Neverfull is true to its claims! It gives plenty of room for your belongings, and no matter how much you put in it, it seems like, there is always a space for more. And because its LV, it is so durable that a single strap can hold up to 90 kilo loads. This is really the perfect carry-all bag for you. The bag itself is made of coated canvass this is why it is scratch- free and made to endure wear and tear for as long as 20 years. For busy women who needs to take their laptops wherever they go, or needs their cameras and gadgets, or books, or vanity kit, and so on; literally everything that you need the whole day, this bag is what you need. You can check it here;  https://luxurycheaper.com/collections/handbags to find which Neverfull versions you like most.



  1. Chanel Flap Caviar




This is a luxury favorite, even on the resale market and sometimes priced higher than the retail. The sleek shape makes it a versatile bag to wear with a formal outfit. The metal 22k-24k- plated brass chain detail is what makes this bag dressy. You can slip into a party gown with this on your shoulders. Its size is good enough to store your personal items such as your cellphone and beauty essentials for retouching. It is made of Caviar leather which is a textured leather made from calfskin; the perfect material for a bag that can resist scratches as it is durable. If you like the history part of it, this iconic bag was the first shoulder bag design that French women wore in 1950’s which changed the history of how women carry bags. It has other personal details such as the quilt design being inspired by jackets that male stablemen, whom she was fond of used to wear. This bag is an icon! Check out Chanel flaps here https://luxurycheaper.com/collections/all/chanel


  1. Gucci Mini Marmont


Another versatile choice is this sleek shoulder bag that is perfect for everyday use because the size is handy and its minimalist shape and look can blend to anything you wear from jeans to skirts, to maxis, to suits.  Gucci Marmont are durable, and like its designer bags counterparts in the small shoulder bags category, these are good for investment too. As for the style, there are several versions of Marmont that you can choose from to match your functions, from casual everyday wear to a formal event. Find out which Marmont do you like most here https://luxurycheaper.com/collections/gucci-handbags.


Now you have an idea what bag could be right for you, go on and explore www.luxurycheaper.com to start purchasing one today before your favorite is taken by someone else. You too can now get a luxury, cheaper!


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